Easter Cruise

This year’s Easter cruise covered nearly 300 miles, visiting Poole, Guernsey, Cherbourg, Hamble, and Beaulieu. Day one saw the team head out into the Solent, getting used to the boat on a short upwind passage to Poole. The following day, with a 6am start to catch favourable tide at the alderney races, we set off across the channel. Averaging 7 knots on the passage under full sail, we made the races in good time, reaching a crazy 14 knots over the ground at times. Mooring in St Peters Port in Guernsey, we spent a full day exploring the town, resting, and enjoying the weather. The next afternoon, catching another favourable tide, we made it back through the races before punching 4 knots tide into Cherbourg making for a more uncomfortable passage. The following afternoon, after stocking up on french liquor and baked pastries, we slipped from the marina to return across the channel before forecasted high pressure filled in bringing unassailable light winds. The return passage was a night sail, the crew being split into three watch teams with a strong watch leader supervising each. Arriving at Hamble well rested in the early hours of the morning, the team undertook a pilotage exercise navigating the river Beaulieu for lunch, before returning and detailing the boat before handover the next day. Many thanks to all who came!


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