January Mile-Builder

Members working towards their RYA Yachtmaster ticket had a weekend of hardcore sailing in January to rack up their needed miles.

6am start allowed the crew to become re-familiarized with their night navigation prior to a swift exit from the Sound before heading to Falmouth. Although bitterly cold, the Force 6 North Westerly wind allowed the 45ft Dufour yacht to lurch ahead at a speedy pace. The evening in Falmouth was spent having a well-deserved meal and a couple of pints. The following morning, watch number 2 was on the lookout and safely navigated the yacht out of Falmouth. A beastly ground swell threw the boat around while the crew, harnessed onto the rail, managed to sweat the main up and get the boat underway.

We were escorted back home by dolphins and had a beautiful downwind sail surfing along the swell. A thoroughly enjoyable trip with some challenging conditions and 95 nautical miles in the bag, good job team!